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Courses & Cruises

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Ocean Passages

Ocean Passages are non-stop, ocean sailing adventures which are longer than 500nm.

Our ocean passages provide the perfect opportunity to gain ocean sailing miles and are ideal milebuilding trips for new Yachtmasters to learn about ocean passage making, watchkeeping routines, on board maintenance schedules, long distance catering, weather forecasting etc. They are a good step up for practiced Day Skippers and Flotilla sailors. If you are planning on becoming an Ocean Yachtmaster in the future this is the ideal option to learn the practicalities without the responsibility.

Ocean Sailing Passages

Starting October 2016
Days Nautical Miles Ocean Passage Cost
8 580 Ahakista (Ireland) to Porto de Baiona (Spain) €1120 Book Now
8 680 Porto de Baiona (Spain) to Madeira (Portuguese) €1120 Book Now
7 300 Madeira (Portuguese) to Tenerife (Spain) €980 Book Now
Starting March 2017
Days Nautical Miles Ocean Passage Cost
7 300 Tenerife (Spain) to Madeira (Portuguese) €980 Book Now
8 550 Madeira (Portuguese) to Azores (Portuguese) €1120 Book Now
12 1080 Azores (Portuguese) to Ahakista (Ireland) €1680 Book Now

Ocean Sailing Preparation

For Day Skippers and Coastal Yachtmasters our Ocean Passage course includes a one-day clinic focused on passage preparation taken prior to the passage. However, we strongly advise candidates to undertake a shakedown cruise to become more familiar with the yacht and skills required for an ocean passage. Please read our Ocean Passage Guidance notes.

Skills Covered

1 Practical use of all skippering skills gained.
2 Offshore Yacht Preparation:
Preparing to sail in a situation where a safe haven is not available for security by ensuring equipment is reliable and developing a sense of self-reliance.
3 Offshore Passage Planning, Navigation and Routing:
Upgrading navigational strategy and planning required when sailing greater distances of open water. Fully understanding current effects, sea patterns, wave state and weather routing.
4 Gulf Stream:
Understanding and properly utilizing oceanic currents and eddies.
5 Offshore Communications:
Understanding how to maintain contact with the rest of the world for weather, satellite telephone calls or a friendly VHF "hello" with a passing vessel.
6 Handling and Preparing for Emergencies:
Providing medical attention onboard while at sea. Familiarity and proficient use of all personal and onboard emergency equipment.
7 Heavy Weather and Overboard Recovery:
Focus on potential heavy weather tactics and heavy weather recovery methods.


  • Times for passages are approximate.
  • One day of extra time is built in for strong or light winds.
  • We will do our best before commencing the ocean passage to give a predicted ETA.

Carbery Sailing specialises in beginner's sailing and Fast Track RYA Day Skipper courses. We also undertake adventure sailing cruises on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, Ocean Passages to Spain, Madeira, the Azores and the Canaries on a Hallberg-Rassy 46.

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